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Hi,My name is Aritra. I am a 22 year old girl from India. I hold a degree in Communicative English and have also pursued post graduation in Public Relations.My future plan is to own a Public Relation agency and I wish to cater my services to my clients across the globe.

For the past 2 years, I am in content production.As a content writer and team leader of 10 qualified English writers, I have experience in the following:

  • Copywriting for websites
  • Optimizing web page content for search engines
  • Writing articles to promote your business
  • Blog content
  • Writing product reviews
  • Essays
  • User manual
  • Writing personal profiles
  • E-course
  • Press release
  • Ebook
A few Words About Me:

I am a storm trooper when it comes to writing.Writing high quality well researched article and meeting client satisfaction are my key objectives.I specialize in preparing perceivable, dynamic and spontaneous web content. I also have a proven ability to exceed client�s expectations. I am easily stimulated by new projects and I always give 100% to all that I do. Under all circumstances, I assure to meet the specific needs of the target audience, adroitly coupled with new thoughts & terse facts based on compelling ideas & efficient research. If a project is important�I guarantee, it is equally important to me! Along with my back up ( a team of 10 highly qualified English writers ) , I am ready to take up any challenge related to word power!Let us prove it to you!

Special features:
100% Original articles
Extensively researched
Complimentary proofreading

All articles copyscape tested
Revision until satisfaction

Credibility: Project manager of
Have completed several projects on a wide variety of topics like health,travel,seo,Internet marketing,poker,casino,wedding,home decor,jewelery and several other topics.

Over a span of 2 years I have completed nearly 2000 articles, 16 e-books, 48 Press releases, 70 reports, 52 e-courses, 15 essays etc.

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Here are some samples I wrote for my client:

Press release ( published in

Attention: Holiday Home Owners…. Your wishes have been granted

First there was the Traveller, and then came the holiday home they rested their heads in, and between these two, away from the glamour lay the quite holiday home owner. Once homes up for foreign tenants to retire to were advertised through the word of mouth, through friends and relatives and phlegmy old aunts, but today with the advent of the net their roles have been quickly usurped by websites, namely, a one stop gateway for holiday property owners to make their presence be felt on the net.

(PRWEB) September 9, 2006, 1006: While traveling to a distant exotic locale every tourist must have the three basic essentials, cash, curiosity and the re-assurance of a good strong bed to retire to at night. The first two is easily achieved, but the third, one must frankly admit, is a far more ambitious demand.

Every one has a personal rendition of the age old story of having nowhere to live in a foreign land. Sure, times really have changed, and every country today, no matter how obscure and out of the place, does have a hotel at the turn of every measly street in every measly city, but let’s face it we all know what hotels have come to. If you have to travel in style and as per your personal whims and fancies kiss a final goodbye to hotels and say hello to the ubiquitous, classy and exciting concept of holiday homes. Oh don’t wince, holiday homes are anything but a modern concept, this is what your grandfathers and their grandfathers settled for when they traveled South of France every summer for a little ‘change of scene’, this is where great poets found refuge in when traveling to re-fuel their creative senses, so trust your traditions and go for it.

When it comes to selecting Holiday Homes for your next travel or advertising your own property as possible Homes for tourists there is really just one place on the net to look to; Whether it is your fantastic Villa in Cyprus or a Cottage at the Canary Islands, or a tiny Apartment in Florida, if you have the place to allow people to rest their heads in go ahead and advertise it on’s holiday rental service is devoted to bringing together holiday property owners with holidaymakers. Their website is an attempt to allow property owners to promote their Homes, apartments and Villas to a large audience and at the same time providing holiday-makers with a comprehensive and in exhaustive guide to holiday accommodations all over the world.

Advertising at is simple, cheap and efficient. Their constant web optimization features maximizes your rental income and is both simple and cost-effective, while their design is both user-friendly and empowering. Here, you are let on to control and update your site and manage its availability all by yourself, without any interference.

So what’s the system at Simple, really. If you are a holiday home owner just register onto the site, then quickly upload up to six well-shot photographs of your property and send the site your property details and description. Finally make a small online payment and Voila! Your specifications will be reviewed and activated within as little as 2 hours! The site will then set up an attractive advertisement palette just for you, complete with availability calendars and detailed description counters. The site will even SMS you an alert in case a prospective customer drops by!!! is also built in with a strong SEO compatible monitoring system, which will make sure that your page remains on the top of Search Engine, lists everywhere and thereby gets all the attention it can possibly get! All this and more only at, your one stop gateway to a glorious presence everywhere on the Internet…. absolutely FREE.

    • Effective online presentation of your holiday home in the most advantageous way
    • High Profile Marketing including press and media promotions
    • Constant SEO monitored design
    • Over 2.5 Million!!! Visitors each month
    • Direct contact with your potential customers without undue interference from the site
    • NO COMMISIONS on landing a tenant
    • NO ADVERTISING EXPENSES, only a token subscription fee to be paid yearly.

So holiday home owners and holiday property agents all over the world, what can you possibly be waiting for, is the final answer to all your prayers. So step on it and grab your chance, seek your spotlight today…only on

For More Information visit:


The Game of Words: Copy writing, and the if’s and but’s

The confession of the crime

Remember those pop-up advertisements which make you click on them as if mesmerized or scream out loud even while trying to hush your baby to sleep? Sure you do! What haven’t they coaxed you into buying? That Tanning oil (which made you look like a jaundiced tomato after an hour in the sun), that glorious shimmery

lip-gloss (which you realized was kinda too teenybopper for your age). Those oodles and oodles of fancy bra’s and slinky dresses at the annual Victoria’s Closet’s online sale or those bizarrely expensive memberships at those dieting sites ………Each time you have clicked you have been convinced of turning into a breathtaking beauty but unfortunately the transformation on each occasion have been purely monetary.

Ever considered what makes these advertisements quite so persuasive? No it isn’t the flashy animation, it isn’t the glossy snaps they come accompanied with, in fact it is, quite simply, the words that constitute it. Don’t believe me? Well here is a test, remember how you perk up your eyes and ears at the sound or sight of the word FREE or SALE? How many times has the phrase BUY 2 GET 1 FREE made you click like crazy and buy clothes you can’t possibly have any use for? Well don’t feel guilty, you aren’t quite alone on this one; thousands of people all over the world get persuaded by innocently blinking Internet ads every single day.

Which is quite all right by me, cause this is what advertisements are supposed to do, sell things. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on merely letting people know about their brand through online advertisements. It is advertisements that can make or break your product, irrespective of how good or bad it inherently is. If you have to sell your item you have to make yourself visible in the market. And what better way to make yourself seen in the market than putting yourself on the Internet? Where can one possible find a bigger market AND more buyers than on the net itself?

Identifying the criminal in you

But being merely visible won’t do, you shall also have to be presentable, occasionally sassy, sometimes naughty, often sexy, brash, provocative etc. etc. depending on who and what you are publicizing. Most of us tend to think that a great Internet ad is all about great graphics, smart animation, occasionally some upbeat music and of course the right placement, but that’s far from the truth. A good advertisement (be it online or offline) is all about the RIGHT WORDS, and the crafter of these words, these magic incentives for buyers is who we call the Copywriter.

The Copywriters job is quite linear and consists of two basic duties;

  1. Writing Copy and
  2. Cajoling customers into buying goods with the help of the Copy.

    All quite simple really.

    Now, I know what you are thinking. You are perhaps twiddling your thumbs, eagerly looking around to escape to the next page and wincing under how complicated it all sounds. But wait! There is a moral of the story and we are getting to it.

    Quite contrary to what it perhaps sounds like Copywriting is actually quite an easy job for the right candidate. See, not all of us are born with a gift of the gab. But some of us are. Now don’t go about thinking that you need to be a Booker prize winner to be an A class copywriter. It isn’t the manicured proficiency with words that we are talking about here. Being a copywriter doesn’t require you to be a class topper or the next Shakespeare, it just needs you to be plain quick with words. Of course a sharp wit always proves handy but isn’t, technically speaking, a prerequisite.

    In fact it’s difficult to jot down exactly what it takes to write good copy. Some people in the business would tell you that it takes talent but I’d say that it takes some good, red-blooded American street smartness. It takes the guts to imagine how anything and everything, from a safety pin to a cruise line, can be sold to a customer. And it takes the grit to push yourself to achieve more than you thought yourself capable of.

    Of course even all that will not ensure your success in the field. But it will allow you an edge over your competitors. And as you will soon learn, in the advertising world earning an edge over competition is almost the same as winning the game altogether.

    Tips and tricks: how to move ahead

    Every profession in the world has a few techniques and strategies, which need to be applied in order to be a success in the field. These techniques are the zealously guarded secrets that the field professionals refer to as ‘trade secrets’. Despite how public and popular the advertising industry appears to be, it guards its secrets well.

    A thousand different people enter the advertisement industry every year. Hundreds of them are hopeful of making it big as copywriters. But while the figures are astronomical, and hope runs abundant it is really only the best of the lot who make it to the top spots.

    What sets these folks apart from the rest of the gang? Nothing, if truth be told, except perhaps their sound knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

As a copywriter you will be expected to think like your target audience. So if you have been crediting yourself for being ‘different’ then get a new tagline! Identification is a big plus point in the market.

Imagine what you would want if you were your customer. Like you your buyers too will hanker for certain things. Remember, unlike offline advertisements online ads have a wider audience, people of all ages, caste, creed and color will be viewing your ads at the same time. But despite their differences they will have something in common, all of them will be grabbed by certain pleasant words such as FREE or NEW. Tickle them blue with the various benefits your product will offer them. Bombard their senses with the various advantages your item will be presenting them with. But do so with panache and keep it all very simple.

Every advertisement hinges on the 4 basic effects it should, preferably, be producing in a potential customer.

  1. First effect: ATTENTION – make it snazzy, make it hip, make it sexy, saucy, witty or whatever the hell it is that you want. Only make sure that it catches the eye. Online ads tend to be pushed into other websites, so remember your ads are not what the visitors will be looking for. If they miss you they will never know your product, or even if they do see you unless you’re catchy enough they will ignore you altogether. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention and make them click on your banner.

  1. Second Effect: INTEREST - let your very first sentence be magnetic enough to capture your customer’s attention completely. If you don’t manage to hook them right within the first 10 seconds you will never get them back.

  1. Third Effect: DESIRE- Now, tell them why they ought to buy your item, tell them how it will gel in with who and what they are…tell them how it will look good with their new pair of jeans….coax them into getting downright greedy.

  1. Fourth Effect: ACTION- Give them a reason to buy from you, make them click on your banner like their life depended on it, let them hanker for your item and let them empty their very last piggy bank for it.


On The Rise Of Litigations, And Protection In The Form Of Offshore Asset Protection

A web-based survey conducted in 2001on attorney’s defending medical litigation from all over the country, found that “the respondent’s and their firms were engaged in about 4,677 and 8.256 such claims, respectively. More than half of which were based in Florida and Texas”.

In the last 5 years medical litigations have become a plaguing problem for both, the accused and the accuser. Thousands of dollars are spent on litigations every year since the cost involved in these is substantial, be it in it’s aggregate form or in terms of the individual cases involved.

As the accused, one needs to be wary of methods to safe guard himself and his assets, if legal actions be taken against them. A common measure against these, till recently, was Insurance of various kinds. In the recent past, however, considerable doubt has risen amongst concerned parties regarding the effectiveness of these in such conditions. The remedy that specialists like those at are suggesting now is the, Offshore Asset protection, an advanced variety of the traditional Asset protection technique that has for all these years protected our belongings against lawsuits and judgments. The Offshore Asset Protection is, at the fundamental level, almost entirely the same as Asset protection. The difference arises only in terms of placing the assets, which you wish to protect , beyond the physical reach of those who might harm it.

A number of websites and consultants might lead you to believe that the Offshore Asset protection system is a cake walk and can be easily figured out by yourself. But such a step is frankly quite unadvisable, like expert Ron Z. Mendelson so eloquently puts it Asset protection is not a do-it-yourself exercise. Anyone interested in protecting their assets from lawsuits and creditors should consult an asset planning specialist.” Consulting a specialist, like, is a must for all those responsible individuals who see the need and feel the urge to protect their well-earned assets. The protection system is “a particularly valuable option for physicians and other high-risk professionals.” Who are at constant at risk of lawsuits in our increasingly litigious society, and has the potential of saving the hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of assets, which doctors lose in mucky trials concerning litigations daily.

Once you realize the need for it establish the Offshore protection for yourself immediately, since although it works almost flawlessly the protection trusts function only for debtors who have the foresight to set them up in advance of a lawsuit. So there will hardly be any use for you to attempt to establish it once you have been slapped with a litigation. For further details and specialists insight into the advantages provided by Offshore Asset protection visit

Established in 1999, is privately-held and serves various organizations, both large and small. Throughout North America, Europe and Asia with incorporation services, establishing offshore trusts, as well as creating offshore companies, which aim at protecting assets to legally reducing annual taxes.

Ron Z. Mendelson, director of, is an expert in offshore asset protection strategies, and specializes in wealth protection, foreign asset protection, international business corporations, worldwide investing, global banking, offshore online gaming, and international e-commerce.


Hair loss: Why is it happening to YOU?

If you aren’t really distressed about the amount of hair you seem to be shedding everyday then you should really get a reality check, cause this can be SERIOUS trouble. Of course you should keep in mind that normally almost all of us shed anywhere between 50-60 hair strands everyday. However, if the figure is still higher you really do have something to worry about.

Which in itself isn’t such a good idea cause worrying will not get you anywhere when you are trying to deal with hair loss. First things first, anxiety unhappiness and good hair cannot dwell together on the same head. So if you mean to find yourself a cure for your hair loss, do begin by relieving yourself of all your worries. General depression, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of appetite etc. can all contribute to acute nourishment problems. If your body is experiences some sort of deficiency it might contribute profusely to your hair loss. This is because your hair too needs nourishment to survive, if you stop its source of sustenance like your body it too will suffer.

If lack of nourishment isn’t the issue try and find out what is. In today’s day and age number of youngsters’ do not even consider hair loss to be a concern until it becomes a critical problem. This is because the younger generations have grown quite used to treating their hair like a pair of guinea pigs in the chemical laboratory! A usual teenager’s hair undergoes a hundred odd experiments every month. From bleaching to colouring to straightening to blow-drying, their hair endures more than it really gets credit for. Also, this generation is more exposed to widespread pollution, which can have devastating effects on one’s hair.

The burgeoning level of toxin in the air is one of the biggest factors your hair loss treatment should, ideally, combat. Due to the increased levels of grime in our surroundings keeping our hair clean has become almost a challenge. Traditionalists will have you believe that shampooing your hair everyday is harmful for your hair, but don’t bother yourself with their advise. Given the present level of pollution in the air and our widespread exposure to it shampooing our hair at least thrice to four times each week (if not everyday) is a must. So let no one convince you otherwise.

However, make sure your hair does not dry out in the sun unless you want it to appear dull, burnt and brittle. Just like your skin your hair too needs to be protected from the sun. The sun can suck out every bit of moisture from your hair making it dry and dehydrated. Your cure for baldness (if of course you have already reached the point of being technically ‘bald’) must therefore provide proper hydration for your hair. Use sprays and gels available in the market. Most of these are equipped with the sort of hydrating agents your scalp require.

If you are using a leave-in conditioner, gel, hair serum or any such hair product do remember that grime will stick to your hair easily due to these. Thus make sure to wash your hair frequently. This way your hair will remain clean, tangle less and fall in far smaller amounts. Clean hair will also have a less of a chance of developing dandruff; another potent cause for hair fall.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly do take care of your diet. Regular doses of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E etc. are of utmost importance. If you are incapable of imbibing these nutrients in your food do not fret, use the easy to acquire nutritional supplements you get over the counter instead. Appropriate amount of nutrition, in any form, natural or cosmetic is of the greatest significance to healthy, glowing hair.


Amish furniture : Old world, New charm

While furnishing your new apartment this time around why not aim for an old worldly, classy look? You have done your minimalist routine before, true it is still in vogue, but some things never quite go out of style. Take Amish furniture for instance.

Yes yes we know that you have perhaps always associated them with your Grandma’s favourite chair. But take a closer look for a change; Amish furniture isn’t just about orthodox looking chairs and tables. Check out all the choices it offers you, who knows perhaps you’ll find something that will suit your fancy.

Now, everyone with even a little hint of an innovative spirit knows that everything can be made to look fancy and attractive. All you need is to accessorize right. Put the right piece of furniture at the right place. Throw in a cushion, or a rug and see it work wonders. Combine these quick tricks with a really well made piece of furniture and see how it heightens the look and feel of your home.

While you might think that Amish made furniture is strictly confined to that high back chair your mother sat in at the dinner table, you couldn’t be any more mistaken. Amish furniture offers you a number of choices both in terms of wood and design. The only thing that remains the same for all of them is their quality and standard. Everyone who has owned a piece will tell you exactly how durable and long lasting Amish furniture tends to be. Unlike most modern crafted furniture and plastic stuff these will not let you down, even with age.

Depending upon the overall d├ęcor of your house you can choose from the various wood options these furniture provide you with. If your house is slightly rustic in its look, and a ‘manly’ feel prevails go for Amish oak furniture. Red oak, Sawn oak furniture are easily available. You could also, however, try out the Maple or Cherry. Amish Log furniture is also a good option for you to explore. These are famously created out of single pieces of wood and are thereby purely handcrafted (making them slightly expensive, but equally valuable). Given their rustic, unfinished look these also work well in large country houses. Throw few of these babies into your ‘Boy’s room’ or smoking area and watch how the place acquires character.

Amish log furniture is easy enough to obtain and are widely sold at numerous lifestyle stores both online and of it. Traditionally, these tend to be made of wood that does not become damp. Also, such furniture is only crafted out of sufficiently dried wood, which ensures their longevity. Amish log furniture is made of a variety of wood. Choose from cypress, oak, hickory, white and red cedar etc. etc

. While furnishing your home do keep in mind the specific requirements of the place you are decorating. While Amish furniture might seem grand and old-worldly charming they may not work for a very small place. Do not unnecessarily cramp your home with furniture that looks nice but serve little or no purpose. Also remember to experiment and play around with styles. Mix and match large heavy Amish pieces with light weight, breezy looking wicker or bamboo furnishings and see how the equilibrium is attained effortlessly. If you are hell-bent on large Amish pieces but have a tiny place to furnish then compromise. Go for a single, unique Amish design and let it be the central attraction in your room. That way you will get to fulfill your desire as well as keep your living space uncluttered.